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What earning potential you have at SkinnyBodyCare?

Payment is made via an ingenious compensation plan with 8 income.

You do not sell the products themselves, nor even order them or send them. Each customer or partner receives an account with SkinnyBodyCare and ordered its products itself Everything you need to do is to pass on the link of your personalized website to your prospects. More simply, it can not be to make money!

Your income depends on several factors.
Earn money with SkinnyBodyCare
  • Your career position
  • In which generation of revenue is achieved
  • Degree of filling of your Marix
  • Which BV (Business Volume) is generated by the sales
  • Whether it is an initial or follow-up order
Initially, therefore, the terms "generations", "Career Position", "BV (Business Volume)" and "matrix" clarified.

  • Customers or partners as a result of your own activities are the first generation (1stGeneration) of your team
  • Customers or partners as a result of the activities of your first generation are the second generation (2ndGeneration) of your team
  • Customers or partners as a result of activities of your second generation are the third generation (3rdGeneration) of your team
  • etc.
For example, you talk to 10 people about the concept of Skinny Body Care and you will get 4 of them as partners or customers. Each of which can inspire 3 other people about this idea. Now you have 16 people on your team. 4 people in your first generation (1stGeneration) and 12 people in your second generation (2ndGeneration). Your career position now is already "SILVER".
You only need to introduce the concept to some few people, and a large team can grow from it.

The generations that will be created here and the levels of the matrix are two different things. The number of customers and partners for all the generations in your team is not limited. One woman from the USA right now in June 2013 sponsored within a month over 500 people in its first generation (1stGeneration).

Career Position:

Your career position is dependent on how many customers or partners from your activities and the activities of the partners will be added in your team.

There are a total of eight career positions:
  • "DISTRIBUTOR" - has fewer than three own customers or partners
  • "BRONZE" - has at least 3 other customers or partners
  • "SILVER" - has at least 10 other customers or partners - or 1 "BRONZE" in three different "Enroller Legs"
  • "GOLD" - has at least 50 other customers or partners - or 1 "SILVER" in three different "Enroller Legs"
  • "PLATINUM" - has at least 100 other customers or partners - or 1 "GOLD" in three different "Enroller Legs"
  • "DIAMOND" - has at least 300 other customers or partners - or 1 "PLATINUM" in three different "Enroller Legs"
  • "CROWN DIAMOND" - has at least 1 "DIAMOND" in three different "Enroller Legs"
  • "ROYAL CROWN DIAMOND" - has at least 1 "CROWN DIAMOND" in three different "Enroller Legs"
A "Enroller Leg" consists of one of your personally acquired partner and his entire team. You already receive the career position "SILVER" when three of your direct partners have received three new customers or partners.

BV (Business Volume):

The compensation from product sales is calculated by using a percentage of the so-called BV (Business Volume).
  • 1 bottle (select Skinny Fiber or Ageless Serum) = 50BV
  • Bonus Pack 3 Bottles - Buy 2 get 1 free (select Skinny Fiber or Ageless Serum) = 100BV
  • Premium Pack 6 Bottles - Buy 3 and 3 free (select Skinny Fiber or Ageless Serum or combined) = 150BV
  • Retail Pack 10 bottles - (select Skinny Fiber or Ageless Serum or combined) = 200BV
  • Retail Pack 20 bottles - (select Skinny Fiber or Ageless Serum or combined) = 400BV
Example: You have yourself a new direct customer or partner who buys a first order Premium Pack - Your career position "SILVER". You deserve alone on the Fast Start Bonus $ 81 (54% 150BV).

The "Matrix":

Everyone who logs on to Skinny Body Care automatically gets a place in the so-called "matrix" of the one who told him about this concept (his sponsor). This is regardless of whether you want to be active now and want to recommend the products or you simply use the products.
Your position is always the next available free space in the matrix of your sponsor. The placement is always from top to bottom and from left to right. Each customer or partner receives its own matrix, which in turn is part of the matrix of his sponsor and his sponsor, etc..

The placement in the matrix

In this example, your matrix is ​​in third place in the first level of the matrix of your sponsor. The first level of the matrix of your sponsor is filled with it, because in the first level of each customer or partner can be located a maximum of 3 people.

New customers or partners who opt for Skinny Body Care are automatically set by the system in your matrix even if you're not active.

In our example, one third of new clients or partners of your sponsor would be placed in your matrix.
Your matrix fills up more and more and your income from the matrix (Matrix Commissions) increases when these new customer or partner of your sponsor are now active partners and even recommend SkinnyBodyCare.

Along with new customers and partners that are generated by yourself or your team, a lot of new customers and partners will come on the internet page of the team to do so.
The sooner you opt for our team, the better your ranking in the total team matrix will be - and the more people are set by the team in addition to your matrix.

For every paying customer or partner in your matrix you will receive a fixed monthly amount.
  • $ 1, - for customers or partners in Level 1-3
  • $ 1.50 for customers or partners in Level 4-6
  • $ 1, - for customers or partners in Level 7-8
It depends on your career position, to what level you get paid on your matrix. There are 8 income opportunities and even with the matrix, it is possible that you can earn up to $ 10,366.50 per month.

In the career position "SILVER", for example, you will receive a payment up to the seventh level. This is out in accordance with a monthly income of up to $ 3805.50 only from the matrix.

The 8 Skinny Body Care income opportunities at a glance:

1 Training Bonus
This bonus of $ 8, - is paid once as a reward for new customers or partners.
2 Retail Bonuses
This is the profit resulting from the official selling price if you want to sell the products.
3 Fast Start Bonus
Based on this bonus, all initial orders are paid.
4 Matrix Commissions
Your matrix, we have already shown you. 50BV of subsequent orders will be paid by the Matrix Commissions.
5 Infinity Matching Bonuses
By Infinity Matching Bonuses You will receive a share in the profits of the partners in your team.
6 Bulk Order Bonuses
For orders with a value of more than 50BV, you will be paid additionally by Bulk Order Bonuses.
7 Quartely Leadership Pools
The participation of partners in the total turnover of the company Skinny Body Care by Quartely Leadership Pools.
8 Rank Archievement Bonuses A special treat for the partners who have achieved a career position higher than "GOLD".

Skinny Body Care has the most attractive compensation plan in the industry, and your bags will fill up quickly and long lasting with money. Coupled with the best weight management product on the market, it is no surprise that Skinny Body Care is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry!

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